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Priscilla - The Musical!
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Priscilla: Queen of the Desert - The Musical
Welcome to a community for fans of the musical, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. The show ran in Australia (September 2006 until December 2008) and is currently playing in London, with other overseas productions to follow.

For more thorough information about the show, please check out the F.A.Q. here.

As far as rules go:
The show itself isn't what you'd call totally clean, so I'm not going to make a rule about language, content etc. What I would like you to do is not use excessive netspeak and/or swearing. Keep it on topic and as tasteful as Priscilla can be. :-)

- Movie-only stuff goes to queen_priscilla. Unless they join the show, discussion purely on the movie leads is off-topic and will be deleted.
- Please don't gossip about performers' private lives. It's disrespectful.
- Be mature. Don't throw a tantrum because someone disagrees with you or you didn't get the cast member you wanted to see. Don't write an essay if someone disagrees with you either, unless, y'know, it's a theoretical discussion about the show.
- Be respectful to the cast. That means NO personal attacks. If you don't like a performer's take on a role, offer a criticism that explains why - don't just leave it at "so-and-so was terrible" and try to avoid saying something like "they're too fat/ugly/thin/pretty/etc to be _____" because not only is that not helpful, it's very disrespectful.
- No one likes spam. Not even for dinner.
- I'm lazy, so be sensible about what you post and how you post it.
- Do not, under any circumstances, post something that is illegal. This includes live recordings of the show. Any posts and/or comments that contain things that are illegal will be removed. Please don't discuss it here either.
- The show is about tolerance, so please keep discriminatory comments away from this community.

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Disclaimer: This LJ community is in no way run by anyone affiliated with Priscilla the Musical. It is run by a fan for fans. I cannot put anyone in contact with the actors or put a production on for you. No copyright infringement is intended.

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